Accountability to the public is a primary concern. By standardizing the assessment process and using common sense we will provide in house accountability for our valuations.



Early detection of properties with delinquent property tax will enable us to work with people to develop payment plans so that citizens do not lose their property in tax lien sales.


Property Tax Advisor Referral:

WA RCW's allow for the county commissioners to designate a property tax advisor to any person liable for payment of property taxes. I want to pioneer the effort to accomplish this in our county.


Department Leadership:

I will value my staff members by listening to their concerns, by providing them with the necessary tools and training to effectively accomplish their work, and by acknowledging their accomplishments.


Fair And Equitable:

What your property should be valued at based on fair market assessment and compared to property in the same geographic area and classification.


Personal Values:

I am very hard working with a strong Christian work ethic. Integrity means valuing relationships and working together. Problem solving is paramount to success in relationships.


Balanced Budget:

I am committed to responsible fiscal management and zero based budgeting. Each county department is mandated to help achieve smaller, more efficient government.

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